December 28, 2009

I spent my long holiday weekend re-reading Socialnomics by Erik Qualman. I love this book.  Qualman rights about different real life stories, and lets the world know that social media is here and we should be embracing it.

What I like best about Socialnomics is Qualman talks about companies that have both been successful and unsuccessful using social media.  Although the book does not teach you the strategies a company should use to be successful, there are plenty of case studies available to prove why social media is important to the business world.

Currently, I am considering someday creating my own startup, and I definitely think Socialnomics is a great “textbook” to have to help with my social media plan. I believe that social media would be essential to any potential startup.


Great Post About Fan Pages

December 22, 2009

Clearly, I have been irritated with the progress of my Facebook Fan Page.  Today I read a great blog post by Francisco Rosales.  His blog socialmouths is all about personal branding, social media, and blog designing.

Check out Francisco’s post – it’s great!

Startup Idea

December 21, 2009

I went out this weekend only to once again be surrounded by guys.  All my girlfriends took the smart path and picked up and left after college.  Now, I’m stuck in Madison spending my weekends with the boys, drinking beer, watching the games, playing poker, and setting my fantasy football lineup. The only thing that makes me the girl of the group is I do not engage their bodily function competitions.

I long for my girlfriends back. I want to go dancing, drink martinis, watch a sappy movie, and judge men as they walk by – not women! However, I have come to the realization that my girlfriends are not coming back.  Madison is a great place to live, but not the right place to make new friends that are my own age.  I’m not longer in college, thus I’m not meeting people in college.  The people I work with have families at home. Where are the ladies my age?

This problem is not just a problem I have.  My friends that have moved away are trying to make new friends but tend to be in the same situation as I am in. When you pick up and move to a strange place by yourself, it can be scary and you can often feel alone.

Here is my solution – an online best friend locator site.  If one in eight married couples have met online, why can’t we meet friends online.  There has to be a some sort of formula that can introduce us to our new best friends. I think this site would work! We are not ashamed to use the internet to find the love of our life, why not use the internet to find friends?

Okay, so someone might tell me to go to the gym and start mingling, join an indoor soccer league, go to a wine tasting – sure I could do that, but at the gym I’m not going to turn to the lady that is showering next to me and try to become friends. Have you seen the Burger King commercial? My indoor soccer team would end up hating me because I would probably cry if I got hit by the ball, and lastly, I am going to assume the majority of the people at the wine tasting are couples sampling for their weddings.

Alright I admit it, I need to be more optimistic, but I think if I had the opportunity to meet a friend online I would feel way more comfortable. Plus, if I met the person and decided they could never be my best friend I could just send them a good-bye email. 🙂

The Next Great Generation!

December 21, 2009

I’ll admit it – I use Facebook to snoop around in my friends lives and see what is going on in their world. I recently came across a friends profile to find out she was an editor for The Next Great Generation blogging site – so obviously I decided to check it out.

This site is pretty neat, it is a blogging site for the Y-Generation.  Anyone ages 18-25 can blog openly on topics that range from brands, to health, to the military, to interviews, to becoming a vegetarian.  It has more than a 100 different authors all with their own profiles that are continuously writing about things that effect them in their every day life.

I read one blog, then another, then another. I found myself addicted to what people were saying.  Currently it is Food Week at The Next Great Generation – how great is this?! One of my favorite posts is I’m A Picky Eater. Definitely something I can relate to.

I think why I enjoyed this website so much is because there are so many posts I can relate to.  I realized that I’m not the only one out there with my problems.  There are so many other Y Generationers that are experiencing the same thing I am feeling.  The Next Great Generation gives people of generation a place to fit in, and a place to find someone to relate to – a place of belonging. 15

Taking The Pressure Off

December 17, 2009

Every morning for the past few weeks, the first thing I have done is Googled Hy Cite Corporation and Royal Prestige. And each morning I have found myself more and more in a slump because of my inability to move my social media sites up the ranks of Google. I continuously blame myself for actions that I cannot control, and instantly I am motivated to try harder – yet more disappointed when my actions fail again.

I put so much pressure on myself each and every day, and am pretty sure I have since I was little.  I always had to make the team, be the best worker, get the better grades, graduate from the better college, etc.  I have never once sat back and said to myself, “it’s fine. You’re doing great. The things you do in life should only be to make yourself happy, no one else. You only need to prove things to yourself.”

The reason I say this is because someday if I am able to have my own startup, I think this is going to effect my company.  I wonder if I will ever be happy or ever settle for something – the state of my business.  My main issue is that I continuously feel I can do better, and my reasoning is “because I deserve it.” But I am trying to be better for who? Myself? My Family? My employer? Who?

I have this complete problem of obstinacy.  While it is a positive thing when it comes the my goal of running a marathon next September, it is a terrible thing for my career.  I have to be okay with failure.  I need to know that I can pick myself up again and restart my path.  No one is truly successful in life without having a failed a few times. No one is successful until someone doesn’t like them. These things are all positives – now I just have to believe them, and believe in myself.

I do not feel like the goals I have in life are unrealistic however, I feel like once I accomplish a goal it is not enough and I need something more.  I feel like I have a disease. It is not greed, because the money is not a factor for me. I could be happy at $26,000 a year or $260,000 a year. Either way, my lifestyle will not change much from what is it now. My feeling of dissatisfaction comes from noticing how something can be improved – that really isn’t bad, is it? I am the type of person that when given a suggestion, I want to be able to respond with “yeah, we notice that and are already working to fix it.” – Although even if I didn’t notice, I would probably say it anyways.

I am not sure if I will ever be satisfied in life, and I do not think I can change my obstinacy at this point.  What I need to learn in order to truly be successful in life is how to deal with the fact that somethings aren’t going to be better – they are okay the way they are. This could take years!

Like always, before publishing I re-read my posts. This one feels good – like I just finished a therapy session.

When talking about my last post, I realized I already know that I should not be responding.  What I see online about my company is what I hear everyday from my family and friends.  We are a world of complainers and whether the situation at hand is our fault or someone else’s, we are going to complain and bitch to as many people that are going to listen.

I am tired of listening to everyone complain.  In my personal life, it is easy for me to be blunt and tell my family and friends to get over it and move on, and let them know they are the root cause of their own issues. However, it is harder to do that when working for a company.  It is impossible to tell a consumer that it is not the company’s fault you have buyers remorse or that 2 hour presentation you did not enjoy, you in fact decided to go to. Although I am sure everyone who deals with upset consumers at some point would like to say “eff off” and give it to them straight. (Note To Self: Do NOT Do This!)

I would bet that there are lots of people that scam companies by complaining online.  They find every company that they love and bad mouth it a little until they get something free.  I’m not saying all people are like that, and I am sure there are some people with legit claims, but continuously complaining is not going to do anything. I guess my point is even if I do comment back, apologize, start the conversation or whatever, chances are these people will still be unhappy.

However, from inside my cubicle I sympathize.  Your comments make me think about how irritated I was when I got a turkey club for take-out last week and realize when I got home they had put mayo on it.  Or how awful my internet company is because I can only get an internet connection in a specific part of my living room – ironically, they same part that has a draft from my porch. My thought though is what good does it do me to voice my complaints on the internet or even in my personal life? My family and friends would tell me to shut up, or fake sympathy by saying “Oh I hate that too.” The random group of people I get in contact with online might even voice negativity against me for my ridiculous complaints.  So again, I understand you’re frustrated, but I don’t care.

On the other hand, as a corporation we understand the more serious concerns and are working internally to make sure that what you have experienced, others do not.

Should I Respond?

December 16, 2009

A Fortune 200 company that brings in over $100 million a year, that has more than 2,000 independent distributors, and sends out over 120,000 statements a month is sure to have “feedback” and “criticism” given daily throughout the web.  We have customers that post about how much they love our products but have suggestions to better them, we have customers that are unhappy about our prices, that are mad at distributors, etc.  When is it appropriate to to respond?  Should I be apologizing to them for their unhappiness? Do I ask them what we can do to help with their problems regarding our company? Do I thank them for their support of our product?

I am not sure when to engage the audience or what to say. My initial thought would be to thank the audience for their support, and ignore the negative comments.  My reasoning? People are going to always find something to complain about.  That is just the nature of a human being – we are never 100% satisfied. As far as thanking our supporters, we want them to know we appreciate their support and are happy they are enjoying their product.

Am I hitting the nail on the head, or should I adjust my thought process?