Great Post About Fan Pages

December 22, 2009

Clearly, I have been irritated with the progress of my Facebook Fan Page.  Today I read a great blog post by Francisco Rosales.  His blog socialmouths is all about personal branding, social media, and blog designing.

Check out Francisco’s post – it’s great!


The Next Great Generation!

December 21, 2009

I’ll admit it – I use Facebook to snoop around in my friends lives and see what is going on in their world. I recently came across a friends profile to find out she was an editor for The Next Great Generation blogging site – so obviously I decided to check it out.

This site is pretty neat, it is a blogging site for the Y-Generation.  Anyone ages 18-25 can blog openly on topics that range from brands, to health, to the military, to interviews, to becoming a vegetarian.  It has more than a 100 different authors all with their own profiles that are continuously writing about things that effect them in their every day life.

I read one blog, then another, then another. I found myself addicted to what people were saying.  Currently it is Food Week at The Next Great Generation – how great is this?! One of my favorite posts is I’m A Picky Eater. Definitely something I can relate to.

I think why I enjoyed this website so much is because there are so many posts I can relate to.  I realized that I’m not the only one out there with my problems.  There are so many other Y Generationers that are experiencing the same thing I am feeling.  The Next Great Generation gives people of generation a place to fit in, and a place to find someone to relate to – a place of belonging. 15

Communication is Costly?

December 15, 2009

I am having a hard time understanding the phrase “communication is costly for a company.” I thought one of the best aspects of social media was being able to hold a conversation with your audience at no cost. Not all companies are using social media to sell a product, but they are using social media to listen to what their consumers are saying. Well, actually that could be a naive thought because technically through listening they are trying to gain customer satisfaction which in turn could boost sales.

I am confused, how social media communication is costly. Yes, there is the salary cost for their employee, the time spent communicating, and the tools needed to use social media but I want a different reason why communication is costly – stop just claiming it is costly for a company, and explain to me WHY!

With that being said, I think it would be smart for Facebook to charge a company a flat rate to have a Fan Page for a year. Or what about Twitter? Should a company Twitter account cost $9.99 a year? states that 29% of Fortune 100 companies have a Fan Page on Facebook, and 54% of Fortune 100 companies have a presence on Twitter. That would be a money maker because social media is the new revolution, it’s not going anywhere so regardless of the cost, companies will engage in social media!

Where Are The Fans?

December 10, 2009

My biggest irritation with creating Facebook Fan Pages is locating the fans!

I am currently created a Facebook Fan Page for Hy Cite Corporation and Royal Prestige but we are not getting any fans. Our Hy Cite Fan Page is supposed to attract our distributors and employees.  I am not sure if our distributors are on Facebook, but I know there are over 100 employees currently on Facebook! How can we get you to follow us?! Secondly, Royal Prestige is over a $100,000,000 brand, where are our Fans? I understand that the majority of consumers are Hispanic, and do not have internet access in their home, but one would predict we would have more than 53 Fans of Royal Prestige when we sent out 122,000 statements in the month of November!  What am I doing wrong?  How can I reach my consumers? HELP ME!

Because of the struggles I am having with Hy Cite Corporation and Royal Prestige, I decided I would create a Facebook Fan Page for the bar I fill in at.  The Village Bar is a neighborhood bar in Westmorland Neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin.  It can hold maybe 120 people, if you’re okay with standing shoulder-to-shoulder.  If you’re new to The Village Bar, upon your first visit you will hear all about how Jerry Seinfeld stopped in for a burger. That is their GLORY moment. But anyways, back to creating their Facebook Fan Page.  After I created their Facebook Fan Page, I sent it out to 5 or 6 people who currently are employed at the bar. By the time I woke up the next morning, The Village Bar had over 300 Fans!

PLEASE HELP ME!  How can I make a Fan Page successful when the consumer base we are reaching to is not online? What can I do to attract new consumers to my site? Is it even possible to be successful in this situation?


December 8, 2009

During my conference, I was taught the top social media sites were Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and Ning.  It was clear to me what the first 4 sites were, however I needed to investigate Ning further.

Ning is an online community that allows people to express their interests, explore their passions, and meet new people through Ning Networks.  At anyone can join or create a network based on their interest and passions.  A company for example, could create a Ning Network based on their brand, or a related topic. With nearly 2 million topics, and over 37 million users, you are sure to find something or someone that interests you.

Within Ning, topics are designed to have a blog feed, photos, videos, and a html link to attach any information pulled from the web. Ning is a website that reminds me of Seth Godin’s book Tribe.  Ning helps individuals become leaders, and also assists others that are looking for a tribe to be apart of. Ning is a community that has topics ranging from Big Ten Basketball to Palestinian Mothers to Yoga – there is no doubt that you will find your interest or spark a new passion using Ning.

While I think Ning is a great tool, I would not use it for my company until I have the social media following through Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.  Ning is definately something to keep in mind for the future of Hy Cite Corporation, but it does not seem to have the following that other social media sites have.