Fact: Good-Bye Paper Books

December 29, 2009

35% of Amazon Book Sales are for the Kindle!

–> I got a Nook for Christmas, and cannot wait for it to arrive in February!


The Fastest Growing Segment on Facebook is 55-65 Year Old Females!

I wonder what applications they are using?

Daily Fact

December 25, 2009

There are 31 Billion Google Searches every month!

I am waiting for another Google Logo Contest!

Daily Fact

December 24, 2009


The average number of texts sent and received by American teens in a month.

–> What about having teens sign up for text updates for brands through Facebook, Twitter, etc.?

Daily Fact

December 23, 2009

Wikipedia Launched in 2001.

Wiki is a hawaiian word for quick.

They have 13 million articles, in 200 languages.

Daily Fact

December 22, 2009

2009 Traditional Advertisements Decline:

  • Newspapers 18.7%
  • TV 10.1%
  • Radio 11.7%
  • Magazines 14.8%

2009 Digital Advertising Growth

  • Cell 18.1%
  • Computer/Internet 9.2%

–> Pepsi just announced for the first time since 1987, they will not be advertising during the Super Bowl.

Daily Fact

December 21, 2009

80% of Twitter posts come from mobile devices.

Thought: ¬†How long will it be until Facebook lets you send a text message to your account to update your status? My guess…6 months!