How Much Should You Give Up To Get Everything?

December 23, 2009

When recently thinking about the idea of StartUps, I have been wondering how much these founders have to give up to make their business successful.  There is so much time invested into making a StartUp successful, that I wonder if it takes away from their family or personal time.  Or what about the financial costs of a StartUp? How much of their own money do these people risk to make their business successful? What about location? Ethics?

I would assume that many businesses fail because one just gives up. However, all successful businesses run into dead ends, and once that happens you need to keep at it and try a different path.  But how much should you give up/try trying to make your StartUp successful?

I see people who work 60 hours a week with families at home, people who relocate 1500 miles across country to make their dreams come true.  Is there ever a limit someone should set before creating a StartUp?

I think if I create a StartUp, I want to do it before I have a family.  Currently, it is feasible for me to work 60 hours a week.  It would be easy for me to pick up and move across the country without effecting others.  The money I am making and investing would only hurt me if lost.

I have seen first hand the sacrifices people have made to create a business, but I have also seen people who run successful businesses and prioritize their kids and family as most important. These people would not jeopardize their future for the success of a business.

If quick to judge, I would say that the people who are willing to give up everything are money hungry and self-centered, while the people who put their loved ones first have their priorities in line.  But it is not fair for me to say that, because I don’t know.  I think there has to be the perfect medium when creating a business, but I am not sure what it is. Hopefully, one day I will know first hand the sacrifices one must take to have a successful StartUp – and only then I will be able to judge how much one should give up.

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