Startup Idea

December 21, 2009

I went out this weekend only to once again be surrounded by guys.  All my girlfriends took the smart path and picked up and left after college.  Now, I’m stuck in Madison spending my weekends with the boys, drinking beer, watching the games, playing poker, and setting my fantasy football lineup. The only thing that makes me the girl of the group is I do not engage their bodily function competitions.

I long for my girlfriends back. I want to go dancing, drink martinis, watch a sappy movie, and judge men as they walk by – not women! However, I have come to the realization that my girlfriends are not coming back.  Madison is a great place to live, but not the right place to make new friends that are my own age.  I’m not longer in college, thus I’m not meeting people in college.  The people I work with have families at home. Where are the ladies my age?

This problem is not just a problem I have.  My friends that have moved away are trying to make new friends but tend to be in the same situation as I am in. When you pick up and move to a strange place by yourself, it can be scary and you can often feel alone.

Here is my solution – an online best friend locator site.  If one in eight married couples have met online, why can’t we meet friends online.  There has to be a some sort of formula that can introduce us to our new best friends. I think this site would work! We are not ashamed to use the internet to find the love of our life, why not use the internet to find friends?

Okay, so someone might tell me to go to the gym and start mingling, join an indoor soccer league, go to a wine tasting – sure I could do that, but at the gym I’m not going to turn to the lady that is showering next to me and try to become friends. Have you seen the Burger King commercial? My indoor soccer team would end up hating me because I would probably cry if I got hit by the ball, and lastly, I am going to assume the majority of the people at the wine tasting are couples sampling for their weddings.

Alright I admit it, I need to be more optimistic, but I think if I had the opportunity to meet a friend online I would feel way more comfortable. Plus, if I met the person and decided they could never be my best friend I could just send them a good-bye email. 🙂


One Response to “Startup Idea”

  1. Why do you think that women leave Madison and men don’t? I’m surprised.

    Most of the people I am friends with I met online. Social media is really good for that. In adult life you connect with people who have the same goals you do, and it’s usually surprising to find out that friends in college do not necessarily line up with your goals in post-college life.

    So, anyway, I usually meet people through work and then stay friends with them beyond work. It take a long time. but that’s how it has happened for me.

    And, now, here’s a plug for Brazen Careeris. It’s a great way to figure out who is like you and make friends. It’s probably better for making friends than for finding jobs. At least right now 🙂

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