Lifestyle Businesses

December 18, 2009

I keep learning about lifestyle businesses and they seem so simple and wonderful. A lifestyle business is a business thats main purpose is to maintain a certain amount of profit so the founder can enjoy a particular lifestyle.

How wonderful does that sound? It seems like such an easy way toward financial independence – at least for me. Lifestyle businesses tend to be simple. They do not require lots of capital and typically are smaller, more creative businesses.

This seems so great, but I want to be an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur is not someone that has a lifestyle business.  Well, an entrepreneur may have a lifestyle business on the side, but that is definitely not their only source of income.  I want to be the type of entrepreneur that sets out to change a piece of society. I want to be someone that creates a multiple million dollar company and changes the way people live their lives.

However, I do not want to jeopardize my ethics just for some money. I want to do something that I absolutely love and have a true passion for and hope the money follows.  I understand that not everyone in the world is going to have the same passions as I have, but I hope I can reach people with my company and someday it becomes their passion as well.

However, until I create my multi million dollar company I am going to continue loving the lifestyle business idea. Something needs to change


One Response to “Lifestyle Businesses”

  1. There’s something else about a lifestyle buisness: Control over your time. A lifestyle buisness generally values time over money. If you take in funding from outside sources, you have an obligation to grow big, fast. It’s long hours and taking lots of high risks. You can still control your hours, but you are contantly under pressure. A lifestyle business gives you the chance to work under less pressure, and to devote more time to things in life that are not the company.

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