Should I Respond?

December 16, 2009

A Fortune 200 company that brings in over $100 million a year, that has more than 2,000 independent distributors, and sends out over 120,000 statements a month is sure to have “feedback” and “criticism” given daily throughout the web.  We have customers that post about how much they love our products but have suggestions to better them, we have customers that are unhappy about our prices, that are mad at distributors, etc.  When is it appropriate to to respond?  Should I be apologizing to them for their unhappiness? Do I ask them what we can do to help with their problems regarding our company? Do I thank them for their support of our product?

I am not sure when to engage the audience or what to say. My initial thought would be to thank the audience for their support, and ignore the negative comments.  My reasoning? People are going to always find something to complain about.  That is just the nature of a human being – we are never 100% satisfied. As far as thanking our supporters, we want them to know we appreciate their support and are happy they are enjoying their product.

Am I hitting the nail on the head, or should I adjust my thought process?


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