I Understand, But I Don’t Care

December 16, 2009

When talking about my last post, I realized I already know that I should not be responding.  What I see online about my company is what I hear everyday from my family and friends.  We are a world of complainers and whether the situation at hand is our fault or someone else’s, we are going to complain and bitch to as many people that are going to listen.

I am tired of listening to everyone complain.  In my personal life, it is easy for me to be blunt and tell my family and friends to get over it and move on, and let them know they are the root cause of their own issues. However, it is harder to do that when working for a company.  It is impossible to tell a consumer that it is not the company’s fault you have buyers remorse or that 2 hour presentation you did not enjoy, you in fact decided to go to. Although I am sure everyone who deals with upset consumers at some point would like to say “eff off” and give it to them straight. (Note To Self: Do NOT Do This!)

I would bet that there are lots of people that scam companies by complaining online.  They find every company that they love and bad mouth it a little until they get something free.  I’m not saying all people are like that, and I am sure there are some people with legit claims, but continuously complaining is not going to do anything. I guess my point is even if I do comment back, apologize, start the conversation or whatever, chances are these people will still be unhappy.

However, from inside my cubicle I sympathize.  Your comments make me think about how irritated I was when I got a turkey club for take-out last week and realize when I got home they had put mayo on it.  Or how awful my internet company is because I can only get an internet connection in a specific part of my living room – ironically, they same part that has a draft from my porch. My thought though is what good does it do me to voice my complaints on the internet or even in my personal life? My family and friends would tell me to shut up, or fake sympathy by saying “Oh I hate that too.” The random group of people I get in contact with online might even voice negativity against me for my ridiculous complaints.  So again, I understand you’re frustrated, but I don’t care.

On the other hand, as a corporation we understand the more serious concerns and are working internally to make sure that what you have experienced, others do not.


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