Communication is Costly?

December 15, 2009

I am having a hard time understanding the phrase “communication is costly for a company.” I thought one of the best aspects of social media was being able to hold a conversation with your audience at no cost. Not all companies are using social media to sell a product, but they are using social media to listen to what their consumers are saying. Well, actually that could be a naive thought because technically through listening they are trying to gain customer satisfaction which in turn could boost sales.

I am confused, how social media communication is costly. Yes, there is the salary cost for their employee, the time spent communicating, and the tools needed to use social media but I want a different reason why communication is costly – stop just claiming it is costly for a company, and explain to me WHY!

With that being said, I think it would be smart for Facebook to charge a company a flat rate to have a Fan Page for a year. Or what about Twitter? Should a company Twitter account cost $9.99 a year? states that 29% of Fortune 100 companies have a Fan Page on Facebook, and 54% of Fortune 100 companies have a presence on Twitter. That would be a money maker because social media is the new revolution, it’s not going anywhere so regardless of the cost, companies will engage in social media!


One Response to “Communication is Costly?”

  1. I think communication is costly because it requires a fundamental shift in how a company operates. Most companies have been running communication through the narrow funnel of the PR department for decades. To create a communication path that includes everyone talking and everyone listening actually requires businesses to change their model. This is what’s costly: It’s high risk to have to change something. Yes, companies have no choice right now, but it’s still a costly shift.

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