Can You Be A Social Media Expert?

December 14, 2009

As I look more into social media, I am beginning to question if it is possible to truly be a “social media expert.” Each expert I have heard from offers a unique, yet different opinion on what a company should do for success within the field. We have experts saying that companies should respond to negative comments online, others saying we should ignore nasty comments about our brands that are posted on the web. There are some that say being connected through Facebook is the most important, while another believes having a blog for your consumers to follow is key to the success of social media.

Companies Are All Different

I am wondering if there is anyone that truly knows what will work best given the companies intentions. Going to general seminars or reading multiple books gives the opinions of these experts but what they do not seem to be asking is “For what reason is the company attempting to use social media?” A company may want to use social media because it is the new marketing revolution. Another company may want to enhance their search engine optimization. A third company may want to try to sell their item through social media. Each company is different, so who do you listen to.

I spoke with our COO the other day, and he asked me for more information about what I was learning with my social media venture. Have way through, he stopped me and said “I am lost, everyone has a different opinion for what we should be doing.” This is the same thing I have been thinking while reading about social media. Everyone thinks their way is best, regardless of what the company’s true intentions are.

So…What’s My Next Step?

If I am getting input from all different angles, how am I suppose to make my CEO, COO, and other staff members understand the benefit from the social media angle we are taking. As a beginner, it is up to me to take the information I am learning and deciding what is going to work best for our intention – enhancing our search engine optimization. It is important that I am choosing the right path to follow, because I believe social media can benefit Hy Cite Corporation. Which one of these experts should I follow? Should I take a little bit of advice from each? More importantly, if I make social media successful at Hy Cite, can I call myself an “expert?”


2 Responses to “Can You Be A Social Media Expert?”

  1. You could ask a more broad question: Are there experts in anything? I mean, really, if someone is so smart, why aren’t they laying on a beach in Tahiti? Or whatever. I mean, we each struggle with stuff we are trying to do, if we are honestly trying to do something interesting. And we each try to be really smart aobut what we are doing. But the stuff we are expert in is probably boring — if you know everything you are not learning. So very few people stay in something they are expert in for long, and this is why I think maybe there are not really experts.

  2. lcj826 Says:

    From that thought, I do not want to be an expert. I want to find a passion, be great in it, but continually grow throughout the process.

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