Where Are The Fans?

December 10, 2009

My biggest irritation with creating Facebook Fan Pages is locating the fans!

I am currently created a Facebook Fan Page for Hy Cite Corporation and Royal Prestige but we are not getting any fans. Our Hy Cite Fan Page is supposed to attract our distributors and employees.  I am not sure if our distributors are on Facebook, but I know there are over 100 employees currently on Facebook! How can we get you to follow us?! Secondly, Royal Prestige is over a $100,000,000 brand, where are our Fans? I understand that the majority of consumers are Hispanic, and do not have internet access in their home, but one would predict we would have more than 53 Fans of Royal Prestige when we sent out 122,000 statements in the month of November!  What am I doing wrong?  How can I reach my consumers? HELP ME!

Because of the struggles I am having with Hy Cite Corporation and Royal Prestige, I decided I would create a Facebook Fan Page for the bar I fill in at.  The Village Bar is a neighborhood bar in Westmorland Neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin.  It can hold maybe 120 people, if you’re okay with standing shoulder-to-shoulder.  If you’re new to The Village Bar, upon your first visit you will hear all about how Jerry Seinfeld stopped in for a burger. That is their GLORY moment. But anyways, back to creating their Facebook Fan Page.  After I created their Facebook Fan Page, I sent it out to 5 or 6 people who currently are employed at the bar. By the time I woke up the next morning, The Village Bar had over 300 Fans!

PLEASE HELP ME!  How can I make a Fan Page successful when the consumer base we are reaching to is not online? What can I do to attract new consumers to my site? Is it even possible to be successful in this situation?


One Response to “Where Are The Fans?”

  1. This is a great post. Fan pages work for brands that have personality and loyalty. The fan page cannot create loyalty, it’s an display case for loyalty. It’s like LInkedIn does not build a network, but it’s a display case for a network.

    I think twitter is something that can build brand loyalty. And I think Brazen Careerist is something that can build a network. An important piece of understanding social media is knowing what is a building tool and what’s a display-case tool.


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