December 8, 2009

During my conference, I was taught the top social media sites were Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and Ning.  It was clear to me what the first 4 sites were, however I needed to investigate Ning further.

Ning is an online community that allows people to express their interests, explore their passions, and meet new people through Ning Networks.  At anyone can join or create a network based on their interest and passions.  A company for example, could create a Ning Network based on their brand, or a related topic. With nearly 2 million topics, and over 37 million users, you are sure to find something or someone that interests you.

Within Ning, topics are designed to have a blog feed, photos, videos, and a html link to attach any information pulled from the web. Ning is a website that reminds me of Seth Godin’s book Tribe.  Ning helps individuals become leaders, and also assists others that are looking for a tribe to be apart of. Ning is a community that has topics ranging from Big Ten Basketball to Palestinian Mothers to Yoga – there is no doubt that you will find your interest or spark a new passion using Ning.

While I think Ning is a great tool, I would not use it for my company until I have the social media following through Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.  Ning is definately something to keep in mind for the future of Hy Cite Corporation, but it does not seem to have the following that other social media sites have.


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