Hello Technorati!

December 4, 2009

I learned about the coolest website today – technorati.com! Technorati is a website that enables you to search blog posts for specific people, products, events, etc.  Everyone has Google themselves, their company, a brand, a person, etc. before, but if you search for these things on Technorati it shows you all of the top blogs talking about these same topics. This is amazing, and so much more fun than Googling yourself, and something else. Technorati enables me to hear about people are saying right now about given topics.

For example, this morning I searched for “Lauren Johnson” on technorati and found out there is a 12 year old girl named Lauren Johnson that sneezes over 12,000 times per day! When searching for “Tiger Woods” I was able to read about how his mistress says he is “incredible in bed.” Or in political news, I am now aware that the UK’s Ministry of Defense closed their unit responsible for investigating UFO’s because the MOD claims “extra-terrestrials pose not threat to UK.”

Since getting into Social Media, I cannot get enough of blogs and blogging – I’m basically an addict. Thank you Starr Hall for introducing me to Technorati – you have made my blogging experience so much more fun!


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