Yes, I Love My Job!

December 3, 2009

Since about July 2009 when asked what I do for a living, I have had the absolute pleasure, and pain, of telling people I work in Social Media.  Why is it when I say “I run the Social Media Department for Hy Cite Corporation,” people roll their eyes?  I understand you’re upset that what I do for a living is what you do in your spare time for fun, but I do is tough work and a full time job.  I manage two Facebook fan pages, two Twitter accounts, a LinkedIn corporate site, and am continuously posting on two blogs – is that not a lot of work? Sure, I am having fun doing it, but it is work. I am marketing my company and their brands on the internet.  I am reaching out to employees, distributors, current and potential customers, etc.and holding a conversation with them on the World’s Largest marketing tool – THE INTERNET!  I currently am the digital voice and ear for all of Hy Cite Corporation.  Social Media is the fastest way to communicate with our distributors and consumers, and it is up to me to make sure they have the answers to their questions, and are happy.

But again, how can I be taken seriously when the people in my industry don’t? This morning I was at a business seminar where the speaker urged everyone to join Facebook because “it is cool, and you can be friends with Leonardo DiCaprio and Paula Abdul!”  Are you kidding me? This is what I am suppose to bring back to my CEO! When I speak with him about my conference, and try to urge him to allow our employees access to social media sites at work, is this what I am suppose to say to get him to say “yes?” I could only imagine the laughter I would hear in the board room when letting him know he too could become “online friends” with his Brett Favre and Denzel Washington.

My goal is to turn my job into a career.  I want to show my company and the rest of the business world that social media is the future of marketing.  When we create a new brand, launch a new product, or are holding an event, social media is currently the quickest and most effective way to reach our audience.  Therefore, to all the social media experts – the ones that are teaching this to our CEOs – stop speaking as if social media is just something fun, and start getting serious!


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